About Us


Providing the safest workplace for every business employees and assets.


Empowering our professional associates to eliminate or minimize all potential threats to our clients’ business, so they can work with ease towards their goal.

In 1993, our story started with a one-man show without any title, office, or even employees. But even with little resources, we still did our best to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. While keeping our clients as the main priority and “to help people” as our motto, we started getting known for our professionalism and credibility as a security service provider.


Thanks to the trust of our clients, we took a bigger step and build our own company under the name of EFL Associates. That was when it all started. More companies came to us with their security problems and our name got spread around from one client to another. To provide a better security solution for our clients, we recruit more people with diverse backgrounds from law enforcement, risk management specialists, intelligence officers to law officers. By combining our personalized investigation system, our multidisciplinary team, and our commitment to help people expand their business with ease, it all leads to where we are now. When providing services to our clients, we always keep these things in mind.


Our associates possess an extensive network, appropriate licenses, and 25+ years of experience. We will work closely with our client to analyze your whole system and provide exceptional protection for your company.


While doing our work, we always embrace open and honest communication with our associates and clients while still upholding the confidentiality of our business partners.


At EFL Associates, we keep fostering mutual respect to bring the best security solutions for our clients. We respect our clients’ needs and values, the distinctive strength of our employees as well the valuable relationship with our partners.

Today, we have supported various companies across the industry from consumer goods, banking, media to food & beverages in enhancing their security system and help them to achieve their goals easier. We still have a long way to go, but we keep striving to become the top-leading security company in Indonesia by always providing the best effort for our clients.