While creating a risk management plan, we always work closely with our clients to identify and evaluate potential threats, then deliver the right solutions to prevent unnecessary risks and minimize undesirable damages. Some risks are certainly inevitable when you are operating a business, but ignoring these risks can lead to considerable losses. Some risks cannot be entirely eliminated, but it can still be minimized.


EFL Associates will accurately review your whole system from production, finance to distribution. Then, discover potential risks that may arise from each process. By mapping out a risk management plan, you can manage any emerging risks and improve your overall business security.




Whether you own a small and medium-sized enterprises or larger scale business, it is really hard to tackle every risk and hazard by only utilizing your internal security resources.

By reviewing your firm’s existing security policies, threat assessment, and personal protection skills, we can suggest a necessary measure to strengthen your internal and external security.





Besides security, legal requirements are also often neglected even though it can result in severe consequences in the near future. Particularly, when you just start your business, there are many legal requirements that you must fulfill before you are moving to the next step.


When your business structure involving multiple founders, do you know that you need Shareholders Agreement and Directors Service Agreements to ensure the fair share distribution? In EFL Associates, our legal professionals will ensure that your company in compliance with ever-changing legal requirements, give you a peace of mind when doing your business.



To prevent any losses that are emerged from inadvertent or deliberate human action, we provide a complete security package from consultation, training program to standard security procedure.


In consultation, we will review your overall security framework and assist you in improving the security system. We will also tailor a comprehensive training program like threat recognition, personal protection skill, incident avoidance to critical incidents’ survival skills.



As an expert in an undercover investigation, we will collect and analyze intelligence data from your company and its surrounding. Then, we will present comprehensive evidence to support your claim. We will work closely with our clients to provide early detection of suspected or unknown fraud, then present the right solution for your issues.


Supported by our police intelligence analyst, military intelligence, data scientist to private investigators, EFL Associates can offer unique insight to efficiently resolve your security concern.



Whether an executive plan to travel overseas for a business trip or there is an international auction being held in your hall, security is the first and foremost priority. When there are guards to help maintain security, crime occurrence can be prevented by reducing the opportunities to nearly 0%.


If there is no opportunity, then there will be no crime. Our associates are armed with outstanding physical fitness, great intelligence, and distinctive experiences. Thus, we are confident to secure your objective from any potential dangers, including crime, accident, or even poor management.